I'm a huge video game fan and my favorite is Sonic. I was about 6 years old the day my dad bought me a Sonic plush and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Everyone said they hated it but I saw nothing wrong with the game. After beating the final boss and putting the disc back in it's case I saw a second disc in the game's case...

I looked and notice a game disc for computers that had black marker on it written Round3.exe. It must have been an extra game, so I asked Dad if I could play it on his computer. He said, “Go right ahead.” The title screen from the second Sonic the Hedgehog game appeared, but when I pressed start, the image of the title screen changed for a split second before cutting to black. Being just a little kid, I couldn’t very well comprehend what the image looked like, regardless of that little change, I continued.

The data screen from Sonic 3 popped up, and I was like, “What the heck? What’s this doing in the second Sonic the Hedgehog game?” There were 3 save files; Amy, Shadow, and Espio. Seeing as how the Shadow and Espio files were locked, I chose Amy. Then, the game froze for about 5 seconds and then I heard this god-awful pixelated laugh. The act screen appeared as “Rejected Act 1” and Angel Island appeared on the screen. But there were no robot enemies and no sign of Dr. Eggman whatsoever. I controlled Amy with the right and left arrow keys, but as she walked, the music slowed down, and with every step she took, the music got slower and slower, until it stopped. It stayed that way for about 3 seconds and suddenly, the music turned back on, but it was in reverse. That’s when I saw Sonic. As Amy slowly walked towards Sonic, a big, pixelated smile grew on his face. But when he opened his eyes, they were pitch black with red glowing dots. His eyes were also bleeding. A text popped up that said,” Tom didn’t want to play with me… what a shame… but I can play with you… right, Max?” And I was starting to feel puzzled. I was like,” ‘Max?’… He knows my name.” The text also came with a voice a lot different from Sonic’s usual voice. It sounded like a growling monster voice. Another text popped up with that evil voice that said,” Up for round 3? You better be. Let’s play, Amy.”

The act screen popped up again but this time it says, “Freeze Tag”, the screen shows Green Hill Zone everything is normal. As we walked, I heard that pixelated laugh again, and suddenly, Sonic was chasing after Amy, but he was flying. He wasn’t running, but actually FLYING instead. She ran faster, but slowed down to catch her breath. When Sonic finally caught up to her, he lunged at her and the screen cut to black and I heard a screech that just stopped suddenly and I heard crystalizing noises. Another text popped up with that same voice that said,” Too slow. Just like my old fox friend.” I knew then he was talking about Tails. I saw the data select screen except Amy was frozen in Ice in the static screen above the save file. I was shocked and said,” Did Sonic just murder Amy? No… he couldn’t have. Why did he do that to her?” Being as brave as a six-year-old could be, I continued playing by choosing Shadow.

The act screen popped up as “Abandoned Act 2” This time, the zone was Marble Zone and we kept moving on for 2 whole minutes and Shadow fell in to a pit full of spikes. The screen cut to black again and a text popped up in the same way and said,” It’s sad isn’t it. They come to play, but they don’t last long… Wouldn’t you agree with me?” In the second static screen I saw Shadow, but he was in pieces. I was literally about to puke. I selected Espio and the act screen said,” Forgotten Act 666.” Espio was in a room with no way out, and after 30 seconds, spikes fell on Espio. Sonic’s face appeared on the screen but it looked so real. I look behind me and saw my Sonic plush but it looked... different. It looked just like that scary Sonic.

The next thing I knew I was somewhere else. I was in his world... I cupped my hands over my eyes, and as tears rolled down my face, I said in a sad and scared voice,” Oh God, help me please…” Sonic started to laugh and said, “God can’t save you here. No one can. You’re in MY world now, and in my world….


I asked, “Who are you? You CAN'T be Sonic” He chuckled and said,” My name is Sonic.exe! Oh, and guess what? Your soul is mine now.” Then, he lunged at me and found myself in my house. Did that monster spare me? I looked out the window and I'll admit it looked like a literal HELL outside. I went to the bathroom splashed water on my face hoping it was just a nightmare but when I looked at my hands there was blood on them. I looked in the mirror and saw something I'll NEVER forget... My eyes they were just like Sonic.exe's. I knew there was only one way out... Suicide was the only way out of this nightmare. I found my dad's gun and put it to my head. Then, I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger...

I opened my eyes and realized that it DIDN'T kill me and it didn't set me free. I went into the living room and Sonic.exe was right there. He was staring at me with a demonic grin on his face. He looked at me and said," Don't feel so bad. You're not alone here, there's Kyle, Tom, Jack, and many many more!" I was feeling terrible and I said," I wanna go home." "You are home, my son." I was shocked at what he called me. He called me his SON.

Anyways, now you know the truth. Round 3 game is gone forever, But the original still exists. You can find it on GameJolt.

Sonic's words still are etched in my mind...

" I AM GOD." " You are home, my son..." " You're not alone..."

No matter how many times those words repeat in my head, I'm not convinced...

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